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SO I’ve noticed that I have great, positive days when I wake up and RUN before class, & that’s exactly what I did today: got my ass out of bed for 4 miles before my first class…


I went to NYSC AFTER class for a 40 min turbo kickboxing class (which was fab, the instructor was super upbeat and motivational [she even pointed me out and one point and told everyone to look how I’m “kicking ass]) , followed by 30 minutes on the treadmill and then 20 + minutes of abs :)

I am PROUD OF MYSELF & excited to establish a routine. 

this is important to me, and if it’s important, I need to make it a priority. 

Also I was OVERTHINKING EVERYTHING again today and my workout put me in a great mood 

PLUS my intake has been good thus far: 

Breakfast: 1 chobani yogurt w/ granola + strawberries + 1 cup 100% cran. juice ( I get alot of UTIs so it’s pretty necessary) + 1 large coffee with cream

@ school: raw baby carrots, apple slices, pistachios

DINNER: 1 bowl of HOMEMADE VEGETARIAN CHILI (ugh so good) w/ a scoop of brown rice + 1 cup 100% cran (v important)

later: ??? definitely tea and I think I’ll treat myself to a cup of milk and a homemade cookie (after 1:45 of cardio I think I deserve it )


now the rest of the night is country music, homework, and meal prepping :) 

january 9

breakfast: 2 slices of 40 cal whole wheat bread w/ pb + banana + coffee

lunch: whole grain pita chips w/ hummus + dried cranberries 

post-workout: coffee, 1 brown rice cake w/ pb 

dinner: sweet potatoes (mashed), asparagus 

snack: 1 piece of chocolate, 1 small glass of milk 

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january 6

breakfast/post-workout: green tea, 1 low-cal whole grain english muffin, 2 scrambled eggs, cantaloupe

snack: raisins, iced coffee

lunch (REALLY A SNACK) : pastry from panera bread (SO GOOD THO), espresso 

dinner: broccoli, half a sweet potato,1 small scoop of mac n cheese, salad 

snack: green tea, 2 dark choc. hershey kisses

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january 3

breakfast: 2 low-cal whole grain waffles w/ pb + strawberries + coffee

lunch: sushi date! edamame, miso soup, 1 sweet potato roll, 1 peanut avocado roll, some fork-fulls of fried rice, and green tea ice cream (oops) 

dinner: sweet potato tots, broccoli, sliver of chicken parm

snack: TEA!! + blackberries 

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january 2 

breakfast: small bowl of special K cereal w/ 1% milk

lunch: hummus + whole wheat pretzels + string cheese 

snack: special k chips 

dinner: half a biscuit, mashed sweet potatoes w/ brown sugar, green beans 

snack: tea + 2 dark choc. hershey kisses :) (and a small apple! I can’t believe I hadn’t had any fruit today until just now!!! so unlike me) 

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december 13

breakfast: 1 bagel thin w/ pb + watermelon + coffee

snack: apple 

lunch: lite n’ fit yogurt w/ granola; pita chips & hummus (a little) 

pre-workout: banana + a few special k chips

dinner: quinoa w/ mushrooms & zucchini + greenbeans + a tiny part of a knish + sweet potato fries w/ honey 

snack: cantaloupe + green tea + a small piece of milk chocolate + some honey grahams 

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december 1

breakfast: 1 lite english muffin w/ scrambled eggs + coffee

lunch: chickpea,celery,red onion salad mix

pre-workout: banana

post-workout: more of that salad from lunch! (so delicious) 

dinner: baked ziti w/ whole wheat pasta & homemade sauce + vegetable medley + spinach salad w/ croutons and lite balsamic dressing

snack: green tea (annnnnnnnnd unfortunately I gave in to some honeycombs and ice cream… NEED TO STOP SNACKING!) 

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november 27

breakfast: multigrain oatmeal w/ pb, pecans, honey, cinnamon, blackberries + 1 cup of coffee

snack: apple, 1 tall skinny vanilla latte from starbucks

lunch: lite&fit raspberry yogurt w/ organic hemp granola + pumpkin tea 

pre-workout: banana

post-workout: dried cranberries

dinner: whole wheat baked ziti, sauteed broccoli w/ garlic 

snack: green tea 

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November 26

breakfast: 1 slice of 12-grain bread w/ pb + blackberries + 1 cup of coffee

snack: grapes, wheat thins 

lunch: tabouleh w/ triscuits

pre-workout: 1 s’mores luna bar, banana

dinner: whole wheat couscous w/ balsamic dressing and sauteed broccoli 

snack: tea, apple 

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just realized I haven’t eaten enough today! (November 5)

having some post-workout fuel (walnuts & an apple) & some green tea after the voice and my bath!!

Today’s Intake : 

breakfast: multigrain oatmeal w/ a spoon of pb , honey, cinnamon, and pecans + a banana + half a cup of coffee

after school: a few bites of a cookie, raspberries

snack: 3/4 of a med. gingerbread latte from DD 

dinner: 1.5 miniature eggplant parm tower leftovers 

[[this is where I’m @ right now.. estimated at about 900 calories) 

post-workout: walnuts, apple 

snack: green tea, grapes 

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october 23

breakfast: 1 bowl of multigrain cheerios w/ 1% milk, 1 cup of homemade pumpkin spice coffee

in school: 1 green apple, edamame chips, a few dumdum lollipops (probably should have said no…)

after school: 1 bowl of my pumpkin oatmeal (YUMMMM) 

pre-practice: 1 cup of tea, raspberries, some corn puffs

dinner: brown rice w/ zucchini & black beans, apple slices 

snack: pumpkin tea, 1 cup of 1% milk w/ 2 squares of coconut caramel dark chocolate

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october 22

breakfast: pumpkin oatmeal (same as yesterday,) 1 glass of 1% milk, 1 cup of homemade coffee

at school: 1 homemade cookie (I was a sucker ;p,) 1 green apple 

pre-workout: tj’s white cheddar puffed corn 

lunch: 1 brown rice cake w/ pb & a drizzle of honey, raspberries, and a cheese stick

snack: 1 chocolate coconut luna bar 

dinner: half of a TJ’s peanut noodle meal w/ sauteed mushrooms, + corn + organic raw baby carrots

snack: tea, dry cereal

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october 21

breakfast: multigrain oatmeal w/ raw canned pumpkin, cinnamon, honey and honey-roasted almond slivers 

pre-run: iced oatmeal cookie clif bar

post-run: small iced coffee

lunch: cheese stick, edamame crackers, small low-carb whole wheat wrap w/ chicken breast & tj’s bbq sauce, organic raw baby carrots 

snack: tj’s white cheddar puffed corn, pumpkin tea

dinner: homemade wholewheat pizza, a bit of salad greens 

snack: 2 squares of coconut-caramel dark chocolate, 1 glass of 1% milk, tea

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october 18

breakfast: 1 slice of pumpkin toast w/ pb + 1 banana + 1 cup of homemade coffee w/ almondjoy creamer

at school: cucumber 

lunch: 1 small bowl of dry multigrain cheerios, a 10 oz berry blast naked juice 

pre-workout: handful of mixed nuts, triscuit crackers, green tea

dinner: brown rice, grilled skinless chicken breast, broccoli, some steak fries

snack: tea, 1 coconut cream cookie 

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october 17

breakfast: multigrain oatmeal w/ honey, cinnamon, and slivered almonds + yogi calming tea

snack: chocolate coconut luna bar, homemade pumpkin spice coffee

pre-meet: grapes

snack: (celebratory) home made cookie from my teammate :) 

dinner: wendy’s apple pecan half salad 

snack: green tea, brown rice cake w/ dark chocolate pb spread + cup of 1% milk 

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